modern archaelogy

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Some finds from the diverse and curious stock of Factory 20. Got [big] money to spend? Shop to your hearts content some really unique pieces

USA, 1920s, Vintage Strongman Circus Sledge Hammer. Solid old pine construction. Well worn patina. Solid and ready for use.

USA, c.1930s. Vintage Hypnosis Rotating Disc Machine. Dr. Hietrick's Vertigo Therapy. Bi-Directional Rotating Metal Disc. Fully Functional.

USA, c.1950s. Vintage Life Aquatic Exploration Ships Scuba Oxygen Breathing Tank. Appears to be Functioning.

USA, c.1920s. Old Scorched Liquor Cabinet Bottles.

USA, c.1930s. Rare Fresh'nd Aire Art Deco Styled Floor Fan; Chrome, Steel, Cast Iron and Bakelite Double Blade Propeller.

USA, c.1900-20s. Old Talking Machine and Victrola Horns on Stands, Tabletop Speakers.

France, 1950s, Unusual Vintage Horn Apparatus.

Gothic Mission Iron Chandeliers, Cathedral Salvage. Heavy Moss green patina.


USA, c.1920s. Vintage Industrial Seamstress Rotund Acme Dress form. Wonderful Time Worn Patina. Intricate, Ornate Cast Iron Base.



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