Biederer Bros: Elegant Discipline and the 20s/30s erotic underbelly

December 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

The famous Biederer Studio was founded by Jacques Biederer and his brother, Czech expatriates living in Paris, in 1908. Later on, they went on founding Ostra Studio, a photography studio that was well-known in the 1930s for producing high-quality erotic pictures of nudes and fetishistic scenes of bondage, whipping, and spanking.

They produced elegant nudes and fetish pictures, featuring themes such as corporal punishment [whipping, spanking and so on], bondage, pony play and S & M thus  more or less writing  the basics in the lexicon of modern day BDSM.


Apart from shooting photos Jacques Beiderer also dabbled in stag films. You get to watch these interesting shorts after the jump.


“Dressage au Fouet” (Raising with the Whip), a remarkable, rare, purely fetishistic film (not porn) of a mistress disciplining her slave.


One of the rarest (and most cheerful) S&M films ever made. “Sous Les Caresses du Martinet” (Under the Caresses of the Martinet) features two nice girls who make sado-masochism look as innocent and adorable as a pillow fight. The attitude is playful, consensual, and very French. A notable counterpoint to the usual sinister S/M stereotypes. Perhaps this film gets it right while all the others got it wrong.


First, “The Broken Vase”, a rare fetish film by Paris photographer Jacques Biederer. A simple scenario of a clumsy maid getting a hand spanking from her mistress. Biederer’s Ostra Studio made a few non-pornographic films of this type. He is best known for his elegant, erotic photographs of fetishistic subjects: bondage, whipping, domination, spanking, and role-play.

The second film clip, “Mrs. and her Maid”, from an unknown source, is of the same subject. A woman tears up a love letter that has just arrived. Then she spanks the maid for dropping a tray (hard to tell as a few seconds of film have been lost). This ends in a long lesbian kiss, and more. The rest had to be cut as it suddenly switches to explicit porn.





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