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Oddities is a new reality tv show (sic) that airs on discovery Chanel that focuses on Manhattan’s Obscura Antiques and Oddities and its owners Mike Zohn and Eva Michelson.

“In the first episode, Mike finds a mummified cat in the private collection of “an eccentric artist” (ya think?) but worries it might be putrefying […] He also informs a customer, who thought he had a collection of musket balls, that they’re actually something else entirely […] The second episode finds Evan encountering a puppeteer who’s looking for a prosthetic limb, and a customer who has what appears to be a dead body in the trunk of his car.”


Yet this entertaining show is facing difficulties. Below is a plea from Mike Zohn, co-proprietor of Obscura Antiques and Oddities, the antique shop which is at the center of this new and wonderful Discovery Channel reality show:

Fans of Oddities…We need your help…..First, thank you for all the kind words and all. We appreciate all of it. It seems that for some reason Discovery has not run any TV ads for our show. Our ratings have been OK, but most people don’t know there are 2 episodes back to back…and many more don’t even know about the show. Seems it might be hard to build an audience and a following without some TV advertising……

So, what can you do to help?

  • You can watch! Oddities airs on the Discovery Channel on Thursday nights, from 8-9 PM; At 8:00 PM, catch a screening of last week’s episode; stay tuned for a new episode at 8:30.
  • Lodge a complaint to Discovery Channel asking for commercials and better promotion! You can do so (as I just did!) by clicking here.
  • Spread the word; if you like the show, tell your friends!
  • “Friend” them on Facebook! This is also a great way to keep apprised of the latest “Oddities” and shop information. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here.
  • Come to our “Oddities” screening party on December 9th at 8:00 PM! You can find out more details about that by clicking here or here.

Thanks everyone for your help in saving this new and wonderful television show!




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