Obsessions AKA Curiosa-Cabinett

December 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

As you might have well understood by now, here in llamarinth obsession is our ‘guiding star’. Apart from reporting and writing on acquired taste matters we pride in our collection of the bizarre and the mystique, the erotic and the macabre.

Our hopefully ever expanding collection is one of our passions, which we [at least try to] serve them well. Now after a month of online presence [thank you all for visiting] we feel it is ripe to reach out to you. What we are looking for is erotica [especially vintage erotica] & fetish publications, illustrations, prints, photographs. Death, macabre and sideshow related photographs & publications. Pre 50s police and forensic photography is also on the list. Curious, mechanical, surreal & metamorphic postcards along with early ‘cinematic’ antiques including magic lantern slides & stereoviews [diableries series is a high but rather elusive priority]. Figurative cutlery [Gorham Nuremberg/Nuremburg] and strange pottery. Masonic, erotic, risque, occult, medical [highest priority Opthalmophantomes, curiosities, moulages, early prosthetic limbs and glass eyes] , grotesque, exotic or plain weird antiques. Weird illustrated editions and leg shaped pipe tampers. The list goes on and on… including also everything in between.

Ophthalmophantome AKA Ophthalmofantome

Anyone willing to part [for the right price of course]  with anything in his possession that might fall into the previous description [maybe even not] or can point us to the direction of possible sources is strongly urged to contact us through email [our address is to be found in about page].

Thank you all very much!

Prosthetic Limb



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