Franzi Fehrmann by Kirchner

November 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lina Franziska Fehrmann (1900-1950),was the youngest of fifteen children. She  met Kirchner in 1910, ( Franzi being ten years of age).  and regularly posed nude or clothed for artists in the Die Brücke group, often along with her siblings.

Johanna Brade traces Fränzi Fehrmann’s life in some detail in the Dictionary of Artists’ Models. “The artists were fascinated by the naturalness of the girls’ movements and the unconscious eroticism they radiated,” she writes. “Further, the angular form of their slender bodies conformed to the primitive art that had had a decisive influence on Die Brücke’s Expressionist idiom since around 1909. Fränzi Fehrmann and Marzella were not nice, gentle girls. The pictures often show them with a sceptical, shy look. Their nudity is unposed. This makes them seem, on the one hand, vulnerable and extremely childlike, and, on the other hand, like erotic Lolitas.

Franzi Fehrmann photographed by Kirchner,1910

this one is dated 1909 (?)





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