The erotic cyanotypes of Charles-François Jeandel

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Charles-Francois Jeandel (1859-1942) was a French amateur painter and erotic photographer known for his cyanotypes of women in bondage.

A member of the Socièté archéologique de Charente (archeological society of Charente) he lived quietly in the countryside, regularly attaining the mass with his mother while his fiance layed the organ.He spent his time making a repertory of local roman chapels. He also took up photography, his themes; the local scenery, chapels, his house and family. The product of that work were cyanotypes (which lacking negatives and thus being easy to develop were very popular at the time).

Nothing out of the ordinary, but then there’s the notorious photo album with hundreds of pictures depicting nude women in bondage, suspended, with clear marks of the cane on their bodies, gaged or blindfolded. Usually only one woman is featured in each image, seldom two can be seen , tied to each other. Exceptionally, there’s a picture of a masked man at a desk.

No dates, no notes just the name Jeandel written on the album. A lovely mystery.

The cyanotypes are currently situated at the musee d’Orsay in Paris.

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