House of Mirrors-All Men Taken In And Done For.

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

One of the many buildings in the early west that provided men with pleasure, the house of mirrors, seems to have a bizarre allure to it (besides the obvious allure of a brothel).

Looking down on the street, five obscure faces sculpted in rose stone, were prominent decorations of the building’s facade. At the top a joyful smiling maiden,underneath her and to the left a long haired woman wincing in a peculiar,lustful leer. Next to her, the degenerate face of a glutton. Then, two cold figures of a hard and distant woman and a cruel bitter man with a fancy mustache peering behind her.

Why Ms Jeannie Rogers, the madam of the brothel , but also the woman who commissioned the building, wanted this elaborate carving can not be answered, but this woman of undeniable wit and eccentric aesthetics seemed to have a taste for the unusual.

She moved on to coating the brothel’s reception and parlor in mirrors, on all four walls and ceiling. Add to that a large chandelier of glass prisims and you get dizzy. Phallic shaped door posts and a sign over the front door that read all men taken in and done for couldnt but contribute to the erotic opulence of it all.

The house changed madams (including infamous Mattie Silks) but its lustful years  came to an end (as they usually do) and the house of mirrors was turned into a Buddhist church. Im sure no irony was intended neither by the Buddhists nor the prostitutes, but the fact remains entertaining enough.

Now its a depressing rental banquet hall. In the past ten years two paranormal investigations took place at the site, but I doubt that the spirits of suicidal prostitutes would fancy spending their time at corporate companies parties and wedding rehearsal dinners.

1942 Market Street, Denver



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