a selection of fine spirits

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

To Berlin and back with miss Houdinismother. Suitcases full of wondrous miscellanea and 3 parcels waiting to be received through post. Among other stuff were 3 bottles of liqueurs,of the finest quality, each carrying its own story.

held Vodka

Spotted and purchased in an art gallery [!].  The bottle/packaging was what caught the eye and its background what secured the purchase. held is a ’20s trademark vodka, which production was relaunched recently. Original design and recipe is retained and the drink is promoted accordingly.

Maldoror Absinthe

Once only [unfortunately] while there [in Berlin] we paid a visit to the infamous Absinth Depot. First order was a couple of glasses of the most expensive from the list of the handful of generic absinthe labels hanging beside the bar. Unwise choice, pretty uninteresting stuff [as proved only a little later], but nonetheless this was our first contact with real absinthe and not greenish tinted liquid served over at pretentious bars and goth clubs. It came also as surprise that it was served only with water and some ice, no fancy sugar tricks [average quality absinthe and above is served this simple]. The promising atmosphere of the specialist bar [more in the vein of an oenoteque] and the notion of having discovered a whole new world of taste and aroma opted for a second order of something more special. That was it. We were hooked to this complex drink. Closing time was at hand so we only managed to taste two labels but we asked the connoisseur’s advice for a bottle to bring back to llamarinth maze. What the owner suggested [hands down] was Maldoror, a blended absinthe with amazing quality/price rate [according to his words the stuff used as raw material is of multiple value]. It tasted like heaven and at something below 30euros we had stroke a bargain. If you come by it, be sure to grab a bottle. The testimonials are here to back up my saying: Best Absinthe in the competition of Absinthiades 2010 in Pontarlier! [+, a rave review]

*On the selves at the right of the store look for the beetle absinth. It is a presumably limited edition spirit sporting a hefty bug inside its bottle. It is nice as a little oddity but according to the knowing owner it is nothing more than a marketing trick. Average product and the bug being of no use at all to the drink per se, so better save the ~75euros for something else [how about one of these elegant water fountains? still regretting not having bought one]

Hendricks Gin

Nothing too exotic here, just a great gin, but both of us being suckers for anything Victorian and curious we could not have passed this special [?] edition found in the duty free shop on our return trip. [btw don’t miss the chance to visit their beautiful site, a true mustached chaps vision]


dmtls reporting for llamarinth


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